Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Murder

I found her body floating amidst the lilies in the pond that lay like an offering to the sculpture of the five senses. Her beautiful face was partially submerged in water. Blood drained from my face as I noticed that her body, now in livor mortis, had been dragged through the courtyard and thrown into the pond. A knife sticking out of her stomach, blood had soaked her favorite pink top, mixing with the water, creating a swirl which reminded me of the fancy lollipops she bought me at the end of our short trips to the supermarket. We told each other our darkest secrets. She taught me how to drive. She would kiss my forehead and tell me that everything was going to be alright. She helped me up when I was at my lowest and yet I couldn't do anything to save her. My knees weak, I fell to the cold, hard ground. I couldn't feel a bone in my body. I shouldn't have let her go alone to meet that bastard. I should have known that he was capable of doing this. My mind kept sifting through such incoherent thoughts that I didn't realize when two pairs of hands picked me up from the ground and sat me down on the chair kept on the patch of the lush grass to the left of the sculpture.  They were two women from the police department. All of a sudden I saw familiar faces around me. A team each from the police department and the forensic department had arrived to investigate.
I could feel the wind blowing violently as though mirroring the whirl in my head. It chilled my face and sent shivers down my spine. As they picked her body up in order to investigate to find the killer and then prepare it for cremation, It felt as if my gut was telling me something. All of a sudden strange smell surrounded the whole courtyard, reminding me of my time in the forensic department. I started to look around for clues. Could he have really done this? All I could see were the tall goliath pillars touching the twinkling stars in the infinite sky and a petite pond across from me, right in the center of the courtyard. There was not a single person in sight. The trees rustled as the wind blew through them and my thoughts kept shuffling from one to another. My mind was a mess. But one thing was certain, my sister had been killed and revenge was in order.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Arranged marriage is a concept that is embedded in the Indian Culture. It is a concept that involves a third party choosing the bride and the groom. This concept lost it's relevance post the 18th century globally but it still persists in India.

 BIBA, a leading ethnic apparel brand, recently came out with a beautiful short film which portrays the usual arranged marriage set up in an Indian home that subtly mocks the biased Indian mindset which only expects the woman to prove herself. 
Centuries of conditioning on the part of the society plagued by patriarchy led us to thinking that the physically weaker sex was to be spoken for, decided for, and kept under constant scrutiny. The resulting effect of such a thought process was bound to be adverse. We lost our voice, our control over our own life and our individuality. It was nothing less than stifling. 
But change is the only constant. This change, though, involving equal treatment of women in the society was not an easy one. After decades of struggle against the gender biases created by this plague we call patriarchy and the infamous question posed by our elders, "Log kya kahenge?" some of us have successfully come to a point where we can question these norms and practice our own free will. Our struggle continues. There are still millions of women out there who have been victims of patriarchy and haven't been able to break free from it's stifling hold. 

This powerful digital film by BIBA showcases the gender prejudices when it comes to arrange marriages and attempts to help the woman break free from its stifling hold. This film supports and speaks for the strength that exists within all of us and urges us to speak up.

You can also check it out HERE and HERE

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Why do I Write?

The other day, I was walking back to the metro station with someone who randomly asked me why I write. I answered almost instantly, "To let off steam. Every time I am furious or upset about something, I write about it." This is the reason why I had stopped posting. I couldn't bring myself to post.
But I thought about their question one too many times and the fact is, writing is very similar to catharsis, for me. I've grown up being bullied by egoistical losers who felt emasculated every time I called them out on their shit. I've grown up being lectured about how my thunder thighs and my bum don't look good at all (now, I just sing All About That Base and emphasize on the "I'm gettin booty back" part) and like any other average Indian kid, I have been told off for not scoring as well as other people my age. And now when I look back, I feel, as a 13 year old kid... majority of it was unnecessary stress which resulted in major self esteem issues. It could have been avoided and unfortunately, the fear of being judged stopped me from talking to people about it which is why I resorted to writing. 
Besides, every time I sit to write I feel like I am not kidding myself or anyone else, for that matter. Blogging and talking to you guys is what has played a major role in taping the broken pieces back together.
I read a book called The Forty Rules Of Love by Elif Shafak a few months ago. I must say, it is one of the most beautiful books I have read in the longest time. It taught me that it is through love and acceptance that you can bring a positive change in and around you. And ever since then, slowly and gradually I am falling in love with the way I am- with all of my chubby thighs and my bum. I have learnt that love and acceptance is the only way. I feel happy and content with the way I am. I admit that I become insecure sometimes but I try not to focus on that part of my life. I believe in working on myself in order to achieve the desired goals which I hopefully will someday. 
As for Melancholy, it has now become a distant friend who pays me a visit once in a while. I embrace her with open arms. We sit and chat over tea. I tell her lovely things about myself and so does she. She tells me about her life which is something along the lines of her name. I tell her that everything is going to be alright and that she should give Love a try. She tells me that she cannot bring herself to love someone else. I then ask her how she can possibly love someone else when she can't bring herself to love her own self? Try love, I ask her once again. She understands, stands up and embraces me and with a glint of hope in her eyes, she leaves. :)

 Wearing: Sunglasses- ASOS, Button down embellished collar top- International Concepts, Velvet Skirt- Thrifted, Patent black heels- Next
If you're on the curvier side, try wearing flow-y bottoms and fitted tops. Embellished collars were never exactly my thing. I have always associate the detachable embellished collars with dog collars and I am against dog collars. But this one came attached with *LOL (pun intended) so I did not have a choice. 

*Lots of Love